About Us

a caregiver and an elderlyAt Bethesda Healthcare Services, we are 100% Committed to:

  • Providing first class services to clients
  • Providing our clients with our skilled and screened staff
  • Providing clients with the highest quality care
  • Providing our clients with flexible arrangements

Service Flexibility is one of the most sought-after benefits in home care. At Bethesda Healthcare Services, our clients can receive care in the home environment of their choice. We can tailor fit our services to adapt to the client’s needs in the following settings:

  • In our client’s private home
  • In Hospitals (bed side vigil)
  • In Nursing Homes (bed side vigil)
  • In Assisted Living Homes
  • In Retirement or Geriatric Settings
  • In Senior or Adult Communities

Start feeling better when you receive care from Bethesda Healthcare Services! Call 770-222-9995 now for an assessment of your needs or to schedule a visit from our care coordinator.